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Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry

Welcome toDepartment of Pedodontics

Every Child is a Source of Smile


The Department of Pedodontics is committed to providingadvanced oral health care to infants, children, and adolescents throughinnovative dental care, research, training, and advocacy. With an experienced anddedicated faculty we provide oral health to about 20,000 children living invicinity of the college. During counselling and camps we treat children withpreventive measures like fluoride treatments and also educate them formaintaining good oral hygiene.

Graduate Pedodontics programme

At graduate level students areintroduced to various treatments techniques used in paediatric dentistry. It includespatient diagnosis, technical aspects of restorative dentistry in paediatricpatients, space maintenance. In third and final year students are trainedfor atraumatic restoration, atraumatic extractions and oral prophylaxis. Inpractical training students are given demonstration for various orthodontic andhabit breaking appliances like clasp, band adaptation, various wire bendingexercises etc.  


Post Graduate Pedodontics programme

Post-graduation in department of pedodontics was started in the year2012. The department has an intake of 2 post graduates every year with a totalof 6 students in three years. The post graduate programme includes training inoral health problems during development and growth of the orofacial structuresof the child and adolescent, provide in depth knowledge of growth anddevelopment, developmental disorders and patient psychology. The course focuseson training in patient management, preventive and restorative dentistry,treatment of traumatic dental injuries, and minor tooth movement. The coursealso includes rotational posting in dental departments at various schools inthe vicinity of college and also satellite clinics in remote areas. Studentsreceive training in preventive and restorative dentistry and in the treatmentof traumatic dental injuries. Post graduates are also exposed to special caseslike treatment of cleft patients, patients with down syndrome, ectodermaldysplasia and patients requiring conscious sedation.


Our team – Teaching Faculty


Dr. Avaninder Kaur

Professor And Head of Department

Dr. Babita Karda


Dr. Neetika Singh


Dr. Sanchit Kumar

Senior lecturer


Post Graduates Students


Dr. Hemlata Thakur

MDS IIIrd year

Dr. Salman Saleem

MDS IIIrd year

Dr. Anchal Katana

MDS IInd year

Dr. Harees Shabir

MDS Ist  Year

Dr. Alvi Fatimah

MDS Ist  Year


Recent Activities


1.    Conducted CDE on Conscious Sedation by Dr. I.K.Pandit & Dr. Shipra Jaidka on 28th April, 2018.

2.    Conducted CDE on Stainless Steel Crown by Dr.Neeraj Gugnani on 27th April 2018.

3.    Organised treatment camps at Government School,Bahbani.